You can donate online by clicking the Donate button, or mail a check to:
Ohr HaTorah
1009 Kersey Road
Silver Spring MD 20902

Building Dedications

Contact us or click here for available dedication opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

With the exception of a kiddush sponsored for the birth of a baby or for a bar or bas mitzvah, the shul reserves the right to accept more than one sponsor for each kiddush, shalosh seudos and Shabbos. Thank you for helping support the shul!

Kiddush Sponsorship: $150

Sponsor Kiddush with fancy cookies, herring and fleishig cholent for only $150.

Shabbos Sponsorship: $136

Sponsor a Shabbos for just $136 in honor of a birthday, yahrtzeit, special occasion or accomplishment! A Shabbos sponsor includes all of the tzorchei shabbos.

Shalosh Seudos Sponsorship: $99

Sponsor a weekly Shalosh Seudos, which includes rolls, tuna salad, our world famous bean salad or corn salad, assorted dips, drinks and chips for $99.

We are happy to have non-member sponsorships, however a $25 non-member surcharge will be assessed to shalosh seudos and a $50 surcharge will be assessed to Kiddush or Shabbos . This fee is waived if you reside outside of Silver Spring and are sponsoring for a friend or family member in our shul. Thank you!

Simcha Kiddush Sponsorship

Celebrate your Simcha with Ohr HaTorah! We would love to celebrate your Simcha with a Simcha Kiddush. We will happily upgrade our standard weekly kiddush and let you relax and spend time with family and friends while we do all the work!

Presidential Kiddush: $299 includes: 3 Sunflower Cookie Platters, Soda & Coffee, Cholent, Herring and Crackers

Royal Kiddush: $399 includes 4 Sunflower Platters, Soda & Coffee, Cholent, Salami, Hot Potato Kugel, Herring and Crackers

Fruit or Veggie Platters: $75 extra

Hot Overnight Potato Kugel: $45 per pan

Salami: $36

Ner LaMaor Sponsorship: $150

Help defray the costs of the shul's electric bill by sponsoring Ner LaMaor for the month. Your sponsorship text will be at the bottom of the shabbos sheet for the entire month for $150.

After reserving your sponsorship you can donate online through ShulCloud